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Remotely: "visio-hands" workshops

Workshops “ Visio-Mains ” are the remote version

RecycoLaure creative recycling workshops.

You choose the theme of the workshop

and Anne-Laure gives you personalized advice as you progress

How it works ?

1-I choose the objectthat I want to achieve (catalog "100% house" )


2-I choose my formulaand my options on theprice sheet"Visio-Hands" workshops


3-I propose a date and timeworkshop that suits me,

specifying the theme that interests me, the number of participants (the advantage is that you can bring together the cousins on the right and on the left, or your group of girlfriends ...), the age group (between between 6 and 106 years maximum for the Visio-Mains version). Contact using the form below, by email (, phone or text message (06-48-03-27-81)

Message received!

4-RecycoLaure sends you alink confirming time, date and subject, allowing you to bookby purchasing the number of seats desired.

5-As soon as the places are settled, RecycoLaure sends you thematerial listnecessary (promise, there is everything at home!) and thelink to log inat the time defined for the workshop (also possible by Whatsapp for a maximum of 3 screens)

6-Meet at the agreed date and time to discover a VisioMains workshop: a bit of digital, and a lot ofaction and creativity !

And we keep the usual principles:

In the RecycoLaure workshops,

-Create a useful and design object from diverted recycled materials, gift for yourself or for your friends, and leave with it,

-Spend a moment of creative relaxation,

-Learn a reusable technique at home,

-Share green tips that put you in a good mood

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