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If you are ready to share your feedback

on Recycolaure products and workshops:

"This workshop is a good way to show your talents as creators and inventors, to have a good time in a group and to get to know each other"

RecycoLaure workshop for 2nd class

"It was very instructive, we were able to recycle old things (vinyl, floppy disks) like new ones. Thank you!"

RecycoLaure workshop for 2nd class


"It's an activity that I recommend to all those who have the soul of an artist!"

RecycoLaure workshop for 2nd class

"Thank you for this moment of sharing and creation which gave birth to a pretty sheet studded with small colored dots."

Juliet,workshop RecycoLaure seed paper


"Great for the planet, recycling is great"

RecycoLaure workshop for 2nd class

"I really liked the "RecycoLaure" workshop because you can create things and when I grow up, I will be an artist."

Bwerani, Recycolaure workshops for extracurriculars

"Great activity, very interesting, can't wait for the next one!"

Celine, Ipsen, goblet garlands workshop


"Thank you for these garlands which will illuminate our end-of-year celebrations, permanently!"

Marie-Anne, goblet garland workshop

"Thank you Anne-Laure for the floppy disk notebooks! It's a very good idea!"

Holley, floppy disk notebook workshop

"Superb creations and beautiful energy"

candle holder workshop in cans

"Anne-Laure's workshops are very suitable for young audiences; they are certainly all-terrain, sensible, eco-logical; do not hesitate to call on Recyco-Laure for any local action with the inhabitants... "

Karim, fromThirst for Bitumen, cup garland workshop

"Anne-Laure's intervention made it possible to understand in a very concrete way the importance of recycling well to preserve the environment"

Vincent de Froberville., Social Project Manager at theAMLI, candle holder workshop in cans

"I am delighted to have participated in this creative workshop and very happy with my creation (earrings in recycled capsules) thanks to the sustained help of Anne-Laure. Recycling being part of my values, I find that it's a wonderful idea to raise awareness among as many people as possible thanks to pretty creations."

Caroline Bottlaender, naturopath atNature reflexes, coffee capsule jewelry workshop

"It was very friendly, I think people got on well. There were people and people I didn't expect to see staying so long. Well done."

Paul D., CoordinatorEphemeral Resource Centers, jewelry workshop in cans

"Thank you for this workshop. Ideal for offering customizable and inexpensive gifts!"

Jessica D., jewelry can workshop

"Thank you Anne-Laure for this workshop during the recovery day at the Halle des Blancs Manteaux. Thank you for your patience and kindness. As promised, aphoto from my notebook, with your business card that I have already planted so that it grows grows and gives you lots of little creations!"
Agnes Evein,Cinema Costume Designer,(logbook workshop on diskettes)

"I am sending you, as you requested, aphoto of the floppy disk notebookproduced on Saturday 17/06 in Paris. I was delighted to participate in this workshop, especially since I love notebooks and I intend to do more. For my part, I customized it (quickly) as you can see in the photo. Looking forward to doing a new workshop by your side."

Magali R, floppy disk notebook workshop

"Very nice discovery around the recycled capsules. We had a great time,

to do again! Thank you Anne-Laure"
Fabienne, Véronique and Claudine jewelry workshop in coffee capsules

"I loved"
Noa, jewelery workshop in a coffee capsule at the Village Gourmand (Massy)

"It was so good ! "

Hélène, jewelery workshop in a coffee capsule at the Gourmand village (Massy)

"Very friendly workshop. Great time with friends. Thank you"

Aurélie, jewelry workshop in a coffee capsule at the Village Gourmand (Massy)

“Thank you for the workshop and the idea transfer”

Céline, jewelry workshop in a coffee capsule at the Village Gourmand (Massy)

"Thank you Anne-Laure! A very nice idea to recycle and give a second life to the capsules!"

Elisabeth Ernault, coach and trainer of Ateliers Parents inENNEAPHORE, jewelery workshop in a coffee capsule at the Village Gourmand (Massy)

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