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  • handmade item
  • Length: 3 Centimeters; Width: 1.5 Centimeters
  • Materials : Aluminum

Very light earrings made from coffee capsules, made on demand.
For examples, on the models in the photo:

-"Let's sing in the rain": "Umbrella" shape. each loop has a "Bright Blue" side and a "Dark Gold" side. golden hook

-"Peace on earth": Form "Angel (negative)". 1 loop has 2 "Bright Blue" sides, the other has 2 "Smoky Pink" sides. Titanium Hook

-"Peace on earth-Gold": Form "Angel (negative)". 1 loop has 1 "Dark Gold" side and 1 "Bright Blue" side, the other loop has 1 "Dark Gold" side and 1 "Smoky Pink" side. Golden hook.

- "Feet and Hands": Form "Foot" and "Hand". Each of the loops has a "Bright Orange" side and a "Purple" side. Titanium hook (anti-allergic and interchangeable)

-"Estelle": "Double star" shape. "Light gold" color. Golden sleeper.

The small black on white figures in the photo are examples of other shapes available, possible for the same price.

The titanium hooks are anti-allergic and easily adapt to all your other pairs of earrings.

Capsule earrings

  • - Colors available in photo 9 (caps)
    Please specify if you would like
    -a different shape for the 2nd ear:
    - Several colors for the pair:
    Ear 1 color 1:
    color 2:
    Ear 2 color 1:
    color 2:

    Fastener type:

    - American hooks

    - sleeper


    -anti-allergic titanium grip

  • 3 to 5 working days

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