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Earrings made from stamps
The paper can be varnished on request
They are customizable
The size of the bows may vary depending on the chosen theme

The "asymmetrical" models are composed of 4 different stamps in the same collection.

The models in the photos are:

1: "Formidables" (messages from Ben) with silver brackets - (back "Mots d'amour" and "garderem lo moral", asymmetrical

2: Asymmetrical "Garden Birds - Belgium"

3: Asymmetrical "Japan Birds"

4: "Japan Birds"

5: "Ducks - Japan"

6: "Grey-pink birds - Japan"

7: "spiral" with golden hooks, asymmetrical

8: "Petits bonheurs" with background, asymmetrical

9: Asymmetrical "Little pleasures"

10: "Flowers - Japan" asymmetrical

11: "Flowers - Canada" asymmetrical

12: Asymmetrical "Language of Flowers"

13: Asymmetrical "Artist's Flowers"

14: Asymmetrical "Painter's Bouquets"

15: "Impressionists" with gold hooks, asymmetrical

16: Asymmetrical "Hearts" (also available in pink symmetrical)


Size of rectangular loops:

Length: 6 Centimeters; Width: 4 Centimeters


The "titanium hooks" option: they are anti-allergic and easily adapt to all your other pairs of fancy earrings

Do not hesitate to ask for a double-sided photo of a particular pair to make up your mind.

Stamp earrings

  • Request your favorite theme

  • 3 to 5 working days
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