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Good addresses

Hummingbirds "Near us" card

- Place in a group workshop: from 20€/person for 2h*

-Privatized workshop: on estimate from 80€ for 2 hours*

-Workshop for birthdays, bachelorette parties, etc.: quotation

*The price of the location and of certain specific materials may be added depending on the case

the final price is of course confirmed before any commitment on your part.

My favorites

day by day
Bulk Nature
Sports Recycling
AMAP Massy Eating Organic
Participatory Housing Les Gravels
*The naturally yours workshop
*The Fairy Cafe

*SOS Baggage
*The local cobbler
*The Arts Reserve - Porte de Vanves
*La Vestiboutique The Red Cross
Saulx Les Chartreux Ressourcerie
*Emmaus - Balainvilliers
*Igny Le Millefeuilles tea room bookstore

Malignant local association

it starts with me
Zero Waste France

PDF of OSE ZD: no March 21: only for members

structures from 3 employees

-Quotationfrom 300€ for 2h (Rotations of several groups possible)

-Order of objects in quantity: on estimate

The most RecycoLaure


-Create a useful and design object, "made in France" by yourself from diverted recycled materials, gift for yourself or for your friends, and leave with it,


-Spend a moment of creative relaxation,

-Learn a reusable technique at home,

-Share green tips that put you in a good mood,

                  Behind the scenes: "I have a dream" :)

-Tools and techniques used are chosen to be as "green" as possible.

- Suppliers are chosen to be as local and human as possible.

-The administrative part of RecycoLaure also works by making choices favoring energy and a good (re)use of resources.

-For a good "slow moment" for you, as soon as possible, partners, suppliers, and customers are treated in "slow" mode, we breathe!

Depending on the case, these choices may be more or less expensive, simpler or more complex to set up, take longer or be faster. What is certain is that it is always in motion!

All this contributes to the quality of workshop times and RecycoLaure achievements for you and for the people around you.

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